About Me

A Portrait of the Writer Christopher Stuck began writing as a child due to an overactive imagination and an innate love of the English language. It all began in the early 1990’s with an old dedicated word processor for which Christopher was given a 3.5″ floppy disk. The disk was a magical thing, full of blank space to fill with not-so-magical words. When his tale of a cave that allowed children to not only travel through time but also to watch evolution in action was ruined by being left in a pants pocket and sent through the wash, Christopher turned to scripting and drawing sub-par comics.

Now Christopher is an adult, in age if not maturity, with an overactive imagination and an innate love of the English language. He writes things he would like to read, currently working on a modern fantasy aimed at Young Adults. This novel would be filed under “urban fantasy,” if not for the fact that it is set in Kansas, where the only “urban” is Keith.

Christopher splits his time between his homeland of Colorado and Spokane, WA, where he attends Eastern Washington University in pursuit of a degree in English and the goal of becoming an English teacher. He has an understanding fiancée, a not-so-understanding cat, and a tattoo of He-Man’s Battle Cat on his left shoulder.

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